Preparing for Test Days

There are 4 disciplines or areas in skating – dance, freeskate, skills and interpretative.  When skaters are sufficiently trained for a certain Skate Canada test in any of these areas, the coach will submit the skater’s name to the Test Chairperson at the Club. Test days will be held at twice during the Winter session, and at the end of Spring school.  Please refer to the Bulletin Board page for details regarding dates and for more information.

Guidelines for Skaters and Parents

  1. Complete the test envelope correctly and completely, including Name/Club #, Skate Canada # and return to your coach/Test Chairman by the date stated at the bottom of your envelope, along with your Test Fees.
  2. Be aware of the test times, which will be posted on the Bulletin Board, one week before the test day.
  3. Be in the arena one hour ahead of the test. Tests may be running ahead of time.
  4. Parents should avoid the dressing rooms unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Skaters should wear appropriate clothing for testing, as set out by your coach.


Skate Canada judges/evaluators will be at the arena to judge the tests. Shortly after the test you will receive a copy of the Results from the Test Chair.  If you have questions regarding the results first speak to your Coach.  If they cannot fully answer your questions it is their responsibility to approach the Test Chair.

Please keep these copies of your test results in a file for future reference. If you know your Skate Canada number you can go to the Members Only section on the Skate Canada website to check which tests have been passed and registered.

In order to participate in the tests the skaters fees must be up to date and

  • to test skills you must be registered for at least one day of skills
  • to test dance you must be registered for at least one day of dance
  • to test freeskate/interpretative  you must be registered for at least one day of freeskate/interpretative
  • Skaters who are not registered with the St. Thomas Skating Club must pay an out of club fee and have written permission from the Test Chair of their home club.