PreSkate (ages 3 – 4)

This program is offered to beginners with little or no skating experience. Professional Coaches will supevise the program and we have Program Assistants helping on this session so your child will recieve attention and help when needed. No parents or siblings are allowed on the ice. A CSA approved hockey helmet is mandatory and mittens and warm clothing are recommended.

CanSkate (ages 5 and up)

Designed for beginners of all ages, the focus in on fun, participation and basic skill dvelopment. The CanSkate program focuses on the development of six fundamental movements organized in the six stages of learning. The skills are arranged in progressions, from very simple to the more complex. Each stage has a primary focus. Once the skills on each stage are mastered, a badge is awarded.

Stage Badge Names

Stage 1 – Balance

Stage 2 – Glide Forward

Stage 3 – Glide Backward

Stage 4 – Edges

Stage 5 – Power

Stage 6 – Speed

Each session will be comprised of a warm-up period, a teaching component and a cool-down period. Children will be assessed on a daily basis and will progress at their own rate. Skaters are taught in a group lesson format by ertified Professional Coaches, assisted by trained Program Assistants.

Pre-Primary (formerly CanSkate 6/7)

For skaters who have completed level 5 of the CanSkate program. This session is for skaters wanting to learn more figure skating in a group lesson environment. Private lessons are available and skaters are eligible to enter competitions. Skaters are encouraged to learn to skate on their own and practive what they have been taught.Skaters are also beginning to learn Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango and Baby Blues dances.