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Winter Registration Dates

Saturday, September 10 – 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Wednesday, September 14 – 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Wednesday, September 21 – 4:30pm to 6:30pm

All registration will take place at Timken Arena. Skating starts on Sunday, September 25 at Memorial Arena.

CanSkate FAQs


Do I have to buy the skates and helmet or are they available for rent?

All participants must provide their own equipment. Required equipment includes skates (figure, hockey, or recreational) and helmets. We encourage face masks for anyone new to skating. And we prefer lace up skates.

Does my skater need a helmet if they can already skate?

Yes. For insurance purposes and safety considerations, all skaters must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet until the completion of stage 5.

If I forget a helmet, are there helmets available that my skater can borrow?

No. Unfortunately we do not have any helmets available to borrow.

What else might we need?

Remember it is cold in the arena so your child will need mitts, ski pants, and layers of clothing. Winter jackets are not preferred.


My child is interested in hockey or ringette. Is this program geared only to figure skaters?

No. This program provides a solid background for all ice sports, such as hockey, ringette, figure skating and speed skating.

Does my child have to have previous skating experience before signing up for the program?

No. This program is suitable for new skaters, as well as those with some experience.

My children have very different levels of skating experience. Can they all register for the same session?

On Wednesdays, all 6 levels of CanSkate are taught on the same session, so family members with different skating abilities can sign up for the same session and will be placed in different groups. On Sundays, levels 5-6 are on the session right before the PreSkate/CanSkate 1-4 session for convenience.

Is the CanSkate program sufficiently advanced for my skater’s skills?

By the time they complete CanSkate, skaters should have several skating skills, some of which are listed here: fast forward and backward perimeter stroking, forward and backward crosscuts, side stops with speed, turns, basic spins, and jumps.

If I am sure that my skater is too advanced for the CanSkate level, what are his/her options with your club?

Skaters who our coaches have assessed as being too advanced for the CanSkate program will have the option of going up to the PreStarSkate group program. Further information about the STARSkate program can be found HERE.


My child has previous experience in another program. How will he/she be placed in the CanSkate program?

Our program levels do not correspond to recreational programming offered through city programs. All new CanSkate members are placed into PreSkate or CanSkate and then assessed by our professional coaches, and moved to the appropriate level as needed. A skater who comes from another Skate Canada club will be placed in the appropriate stage, based on the final standing at the other club and then assessed by the prefessional coaches.


What is the refund deadline for the Winter CanSkate session?

A refund will be issued for withdrawals after registration until October 18, 2015 (three weeks after the program starts) . The refund includes all ice fees but does not include the skate canada membership fee ($33) and/or the fundraising fees.

How do I transfer to another CanSkate class?

There is no automated system to do that at this time. Please email and request a class day change based on availability.

Can I move my child to a different class day for a couple of weeks due to a temporary conflict and then return to the original class day?

No. If there is space available, you can move your skater on a permanent basis, but you cannot move back and forth between class days.


Can I drop my child off for classes and leave the arena?

No. A parent or other responsible adult must be available in the rink or in the lobby area during the class.

Can I stand on the ice with my child if he/she is uncomfortable?

No. For insurance purposes, only Skate Canada members are allowed on the ice.

What can I do to help my child’s confidence on the ice?

We recommend putting your child’s skates on at home and have them practice walking around on the carpet. Also have them practicing getting up from the floor and down on their hands and knees. These are just suggestions to make your skaters first experience with skating a positive one.


My skater has to miss one of his/her classes. Can she attend another class to make up for the missed class?

Members are assigned to specific groups on the day for which they registered and cannot attend a class on another day unless they make a permanent move to that class (only possible if there are spaces available).

If we have an extended vacation planned, can I register my child for only part of the lessons or get a refund for the lessons missed?

Participants who go away on extended vacations cannot make up the missed classes on another class day or receive a refund for missed classes. Parents who opt to register for only the latter part of a session must wait until that date to register and cannot request that a space be held for their child.