Synchronized Skating

Synchro Options Offered at the St. Thomas Skating Club:

Adult SYS Class III Synchronized Skating Team

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Adult Class III Synchro teams are allowed 8 – 20 skaters. These skaters must have reached the age of 19 as of July 1st preceding the competition. At least 50% of the skaters must have reached the age of 35 as of July 1st preceding the competition. The maximum music time is 3:40 minutes (program times may be shorter and will receive no penalty).

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The Club offers both an adult 2 and adult 3 team  – for more information on the adult synchro teams please contact coach Wendy Coombs at 519-851-6397 or


Synchronized Skating

Synchronized Skating adds a dynamic dimension to the world of recreational and competitive skating. An exciting team sport, it involves a group of eight or more skates who perform choreographed routines to music. The challenge of synchronized skating for coaches and skates is the importance of UNISON and the accuracy of its maneuvers and formations; the state of being precise, lines must be straight, heads facing the same directions, free legs matching and synchronized in time to the music.

As in other figure skating disciplines, both the technical and artistic elements are important. The combination of creative choreography, appealing music and attractive costumes make synchronized skating a great sport for participants and spectators. A focus on fun, participation, friendly competition and lifetime involvement is responsible for synchronized skating’s phenomenal growth.

Synchronized skating has generated enthusiastic team spirit and club loyalties in a sport that traditionally has been a singles oriented sport. Synchronized skating offers an avenue of opportunity for the average club skater to participate as a team member at the National and International levels, meet and develop friendships with skaters from other areas, countries and cultures and to develop a better understanding and tolerance of people with cultures and customs that differ from their own.

Skate Canada has, over the year, developed and introduced into the system programs aimed at encouraging the participation of skaters from the learning to skate through to the adult levels. The competing teams vary in age and size. Canada has, at present, several hundred synchronized teams participating in five different categories, both at the recreational and the competitive levels. Competitions can be invitational or qualifying. Each Section in Canada holds championship events. Teams placing first to third qualify to enter a National Championship. Several invitational competitions are held across the country each year.