Program Assistants

2015/16 Season

Becoming or continuing as a Program Assistant with the St. Thomas Figure Skating Club is a very rewarding experience and a great way to give back to the community.  The CanSkate program is dependant on Program Assistants to ensure the program runs smoothly and the majority of skaters receive needed attention. Program Assistants are a major part of the success of the program

In order to become a Program Assistant (PA), skaters must contact the CanSkate Coordinator and state their interest and availability. Once a list of participating Program Assistants is compiled, skaters will be given schedules of which days and sessions they are to assist with.

Senior and Junior Program Assistants

Senior: these are program assistants who are Senior level as a skater and have been a PA more than 1 year.

Junior: these are program assistants who are on Primary or Intermediate level as a skater and who the canskate co-ordinator feels are old enough to assist.


The CanSkate Coordinator will record the attendance of Program Assistants during each session, and will be maintaining a cumulative list of PA hours. We need to know from Senior PAs if these are for school volunteer hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a PA is unable to help with a session, please inform the CanSkate Coordinator at least 24 hours in advance. A list of all PAs and two phone numbers will be given to you for you to find a replacement.

Dress Code

  • Red Program Assistant Jacket (provided)
  • Name Tags (provided)
  •  Black yoga-style pants (you may wear your own or use provided)
  • Absolutely NO jeans!!! or other inappropriate attire

The Rewards of Being a Program Assistant

  •  Program Assistants will be recognized for their contribution to the Club by placing their pictures on a board at the arena.
  • The hours put in by Program Assistants will be accumulated and donated as a credit towards their registration fee in the following year. The amount per session is determined by the following method:

Junior Program Assistant -$3.00 per session

Senior Program Assistant -$5.00 per session

Synchro PA time is for volunteer hours only and will not be paid out in credits towards Club fees.